My Sweet Faery – Recettes naturelles sans gluten ni lait

Recettes sans gluten, sans lait, sans soja, sans œufs


Hi there! My name is Géraldine Olivo and I am a food writer.

I love to try new flavors and get my inspiration from plant-based ingredients: I like creating recipes from fresh produce, whole foods and any « weird » health food store ingredient…

Why this blog?

I’ve always had a healthy diet and eaten whole foods ever since I was a child. I created My Sweet Faery in 2009 to keep a journal of my recipe tests. In 2010, I faced some health issues that made me try a gluten and dairy-free diet. From then on, I explored various food trends: raw, vegan, low GI/low-carb recipes and so on…

I want to share these recipes and tips that I have improved over the years. On this blog, you will find :

  • a creative, dogma-free cooking. Almost all recipes are vegetarian and gluten free. Still, since no ingredient in itself is evil and no food trend beneficial for everyone, you will sometimes see an ingredient that contains gluten. Also, I may publish a vegan dish one day, and a recipe with eggs or cheese some other day.
  • easy, healthy recipes that taste amazing, because a nutritious, plant-based diet should not be bland or boring! Fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds, natural sweeteners and the other stars of a healthy lifestyle are all featured here in a delicious way. Some recipes may require specific tools (a high-speed blender, a dehydrator or a juicer for example) but none is complicated to make.
  • an original touch that I try to include in all my recipes, by twisting an old classic, sneaking a vegetable into a dessert, using a specific technique, cooking with edible flowers or adding an unexpected ingredient.

I hope these recipes will inspire you… Feel free to contact me if you have any question. To see the books I’ve published, check out this page.